Friskies Kills Dr. Ballard

It’s official. Dr. Ballard’s dog and cat foods are dead. The Friskies division of Nestle, which made the foods, has pulled the plug. By April 2001, the food will no longer be found on store shelves.

That’s too bad — many people grew to love Dr. Ballard’s oven-baked pet foods, and tasty canned foods. But sales slowed down when prime customer PETsMART brought out their own oven-baked food, PETsMART Premier. (That’s still available, although there is no canned version.)

Other alternatives in the baked pet foods category are rare, because it takes a lot of extra heat — and therefore natural gas — to run the ovens which bake the foods. Heinz pulled the plug on Ken-L Biskit, a 70-year old baked food.

You might try PETsMART Premier. Other alternatives are Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, Neura, Wellness, and Flint River Ranch.