Good Dog! Product Test Report: Fido’s Fun Ball

Once in a while a new product comes out that is so terrific, yet so simple, that we think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well Fido’s Fun Ball™ falls into that category!

When they arrived at the Good Dog! office, it was like a doggy holiday. Chops carried hers around in her mouth for at least a week. If she went outside to take care of business, so did her ball; if she took a nap, so did her ball. She’d stand by our desks squeezing it (it doesn’t squeak, it just makes air noise), bugging us so much to play with her, that we finally hid it for a while just to get some relief. That didn’t last too long though; she was so sad that we gave it back. Ross, our publisher, even went so far as to say that she seems to like it more than her Frisbee®. Let me tell you, that’s saying a lot!

Katie likes the ball too. Sometimes she’ll get it and lay her head on it (she’s such a slugdog that she never really plays with anything!), but Chops always lets us know by barking non-stop until Katie gives it up. Never mind that there were several of these balls available for her to play with. If she sees Kate with something – especially the Fun Ball – she has to have that exact toy!

Fido’s Fun Ball was also a big hit at my house. Harley loves it so much that he hides it from Mandy and Fisher when he’s not playing with it. And we all agreed that not having a squeaker makes it even more wonderful!

The idea comes from the company that makes the Eclipse Ball™, which is a team racquet and ball sport. The owners found that their dogs loved to play with the rejects, and the idea was born. The ball is completely non-toxic, including the ink used for the logo. (In fact, the dogs’ slobbery-stuff washes the logo right off.) The balls are really soft and squishy, and I think that’s one reason why all the dogs love them so much.

You can choose pink for girl dogs and – what else – blue for boy dogs! There are two sizes: one is the same size as a racquet ball, and the other is about the size of a softball. We found that the large ball was too big for Katie’s mouth, but it was just fine for Chops.

The only thing we didn’t like about the ball was that it gets really slimy and picks up a lot of dog hair (and other stuff that may be on your floor). But that’s a very minor complaint compared to the amount of joy it brings the dogs.

There’s also a ball for puppies called Fido’s First Ball™. The only difference is that it’s a little softer. All the balls are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and they’re so durable that no damage has been done to them, even with all the abuse they’ve gone through. I could go on all day about how wonderful this product is, but I think you get the idea. This is one ball that no doggy house should be without.

The company is in the process of talking to retail outlets, so if you want to get them now, order directly from the company. I suggest you do yourself and your dog a favor and give them a call at 1-800-998-2260, or write Eclipse Ball, PO Box 333, Grant, MI 49327.

Wendy Houtz

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Good Dog! Product Test Report: Fido’s Fun Ball
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