Good Dog! Product Test Report: Wufer Ball

I was at PETCO the other day, talking with pet owners about toys. One couple told me they have relatives with two large Samoyeds. These dogs love to play with a bowling ball!

While that may be a little hard on the teeth, there’s a new alternative. It’s called the Wufer Ball. We received the Wufer Ball the day before I was supposed to leave for vacation, so Harley, the playful and curious one of my bunch, had already left for Grandma and Grandpa’s for the week. That left Fisher and Mandy to do the testing.

The Wufer Ball is a hollow, hard plastic ball about the size of a basketball (10” in diameter). It has a plastic screw plug that allows the ball to be filled with sand or gravel (the ball comes with gravel already inside), which causes the ball to go in “weird” directions. This is said to make your pet “confounded and challenged.” Unfortunately, Mandy and Fisher weren’t interested.

As you probably figured out if you’ve read the other toy reviews that I’ve done, Fisher isn’t much fun, anyway. Mandy likes to play, but she prefers toys that she can carry around. If your dog is big, curious and responds to noise and movement, the Wufer Ball is perfect.

The ball is made from recyclable HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic and can be easily cleaned. It’s very durable, and virtually puncture-proof.

The Wufer Ball is the direct descendant of the Boomer Ball, which we first tested back in the September/October 1991 issue of Good Dog! The Boomer Ball (from a different company) came in four sizes, while the Wufer Ball is sold only in the 10” size.

Our test dogs who lived in a house on a hill enjoyed rolling the ball up the hill, then chasing it down the hill, barking all the way.

When Chops saw the Wufer Ball, she got all excited. She remembered the Boomer Ball, which she was allowed to play with just once a year. The reason she was allowed the ball only annually was that she gets too excited. She follows the ball, barking in a high-pitched shriek. In the house or out, it’s an irritating noise. Throw the ball for her, and she’ll run after it, barking. I think she wants to retrieve it, but the ball is so big she gets frustrated. So she barks at it. That game lasted as long as we could tolerate it, then the ball was put away.

One other word of caution: this ball is for outdoor use only. It’s heavy, with or without the gravel. In the house, it works like that bowling ball those Samoyeds liked.

Wendy Houtz

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