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I’ve always been a lover of animals. When I was a little girl living in Austin, Texas I wanted to become a veterinarian so badly that our family pet doctor would take me on rounds with him whenever we came by with our senior wiener dog, Houdini. He wanted for me to become immersed and familiar with the field. I will be eternally grateful that he took the time to show me what I would be doing if I became a vet. I quickly realized that if I followed that path I would inevitably have to actually cut open animals to make them better, and some would not be saved. I ended up changing my career goals, and, eight years later, got my very first job at Pam’s Pets and Tropical Fish in Abilene, Texas. I was able to take care of the pets, help them find really good furr-ever homes, and helped their pet parents pick the best food for that critter’s individual dietary needs.

Due to recalls and horror stories of kibble killing pets, I am super picky about what mine eat. I have not and do not make recommendations for foods that I have not first vetted researched and tested on my own furr-babies. I always start by looking at the ingredients and quality of the food. Then, I compare price to quality and consider if the reward is worth the cost– which it always is of course. They aren’t just members of my family; they are animals who have entrusted me with their safety and well being, and I am humbled by their love and loyalty.

It really matters to me that my three dogs are taken care of, even though they tear though a 35 lb. bag of expensive dog food weekly. So… even though Stan Lee (175 lbs.), Charlotte (43 lbs.), and Hlin (pronounced Helen, 53 lbs.) eat me out of house and home, I make sure that they eat the same quality that I expect for myself. I also need a food that can be shared across age barriers: Stan Lee and Charlotte are both less than three years old and full of the kind of never ending energy that causes teenagers like ours to eat like they are starving all the time and Hlin is 16ish years old, going blind and deaf, and is much slower than she was when I originally adopted her at the ripe old age of 12ish. As such, I want… nay I NEED food that is healthy, filling, and able to span all age ranges because trying to feed different food to each dog is about as effective as herding cats.

Background Research

When I was asked to review Evermore Pet Food, I started researching the brand. I went to their site and snooped around. I love the fact that the brand knows who they are and where they are going. There are some pet product companies with no idea what they should focus on and you can tell that from their food’s quality. The founders literally ate the food they sell for one month. It is well documented, and you can even check out one of their YouTube clips here:

That takes guts, and while I did not eat it myself (I am allergic to eggs), I did smell it and it was not bad. If the allergy hadn’t been an issue, I feel confident that I could have chosen to snarf down a few bites and not been grossed out by the taste. Also, there is a map that shows you the exact location of each item sourced in the creation of Evermore and they test every batch before it goes out for health and safety items. There are some human food creators who don’t even do that so that attention to detail really made me feel confident that I wouldn’t need to worry about a listeria recall or something.

Doggos Review

We received three flavors to try out. To start our pups were given the chicken. It was mostly selected first because Charlotte wouldn’t leave the box (which is super adorable) alone, but I also chose chicken because it was most likely to not create the kind of explosive kaka that comes from having a giant dog with the tummy of a baby. The packages were well insulated in a cold shipping box so they had not really thawed out at all. They also are vacuum sealed and it was super easy to stack the ones we were not using in the fridge.

So there we were, placing the chicken dog food on leftover (un-used) paper plates from our wedding, when Charlotte started trying to jump on the counter. Now, she isn’t the most perfectly behaved fluffy butt, but she hasn’t ever done that, and so, I decided to take it as a good sign for things to come. Lo and behold… she snarfed her spoils down like a pirate finding priceless gold on a sunken ship. Stan Lee, who is naturally super cautious of new things, took a little convincing that the food was worth trying, but by golly once he actually tried it, he completely zoned into the food and ignored all attempts at communication until the plate was licked clean clear across the dining room floor. Hlin ate like she hadn’t eaten in years, and the cat even got a bite to try out.

Surprisingly, no one got sick. The only tummy that maybe got grumbly was the cat. She didn’t fart rainbows even though she is magical.

Then, we tried the beef and it too was well received. However, their favorite flavor was the lamb which was tested tonight. Stan Lee was literally drooling like Pavlov’s dog and sat so fast that I expected the floor to crack under his bottom. He was given half of the pouch (based on his size, he would need three pouches a day if we completely switched him over) and it was gone in less than two minutes which is amazing because he is the one that typically savors his dinner. I didn’t even get done laughing at his shenanigans when Charlotte’s was gone and the plate was licked bone dry. Hlin tripped over herself trying to get a better angle for food inhalation and ended up with lamb all over her face. She was not appreciative of Charlotte’s not so subtle eating the food off her face disguised as kisses and loves. Charlotte was unrepentant.

The Verdict

All in all, Evermore gets two heavy metal horns up. It’s made in the USA, every batch is tested for quality and safety before leaving the plant, it’s owners are all in and willing to put their food where their mouths are by eating it for a month. Their packaging and shipping is better than some fresh food subscriptions that we humans can subscribe to, and it’s apparently super tasty because as I sit here typing this with one of the empty packages sitting by me, I have three dogs and a cat all up in my face and breathing heavy. Evermore, you won over this picky pet family.

Christine E. Boswell, BBA, MSS
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