DinkyDogClub Product Review Round-Up – Good Dog! Gold Standard

5/5 Stars – Good Dog! Gold Standard

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By Christine Boswell

Oh my goodness gracious! We here at casa de la Sexton just got the most adorable tiny box from the DinkyDogClub, and we are in love. The DinkyDogClub has items for itty-bitty pupperz, but big dogs can find goodies there too so don’t fret. The DinkyDogClub has been around the dog park since 2014 when, after adopting their dog Dunkin, the founders of this cute club had trouble finding him pup play mates. Fast forward a few years, and their membership is at a whopping 400 Dinky Doggies and their online boutique serves their members and the teensy weensy doggie community at large. I don’t know about you, but the thought of so many small “floofy” dogs makes me smile and squeal from sheer cuteness overload.

The Unboxing

The Testers

Stan Lee is an almost two-year-old, 175 lb., King Shepherd. He is shy and very protective of his pack. He does not like meeting new people when we are around. His girlfriend is Charlotte, and she is one-year-old, 50ish lbs., and the most hyper and ADHD Aussie Shepherd mix you will ever have the joy of meeting. She, unlike Stan Lee, loves to meet anyone and everyone. However, not everyone likes her when she’s hyped up because she likes to jump (we are trying to get her to stop). Our senior pup, Helen, is fifteen years old, 50 lbs., and is a Corgi mix. She is one of those who does not like Charlotte when she is hyper, but when she thinks you are not looking, she will give the puppy sweet forehead kisses. It’s super adorable. Then, the odd man out is the cat. Ylva (EEL-VA) is six pounds. She thinks she is a dog and even tested the treats, but she was not a fan since they weren’t beef or chicken flavored. She’s a diva and is super picky.

The Selection

Needless to say, our dogs are not tiny, but Charlotte thinks she is and loves playing dress up like the fluffy butted princess that she is so, we decided to give the DinkyDogClub a try. The website was super cute and had lots of cool items to choose. We ended up with:

  1. A twilight black Hawaiian hibiscus dog dress with matching leash (size Large). I love flowers, and I adore this pattern. (5 stars)
  2. A doggie design diaper (size Large) to see if Charlotte would be able to get it off. (5 stars)
  3. A Bark notes collar sleeve (FRIENDLY) that can be used by Charlotte, but Stan Lee would need an, “I’m shy” collar tag. (3 stars)
  4. A pack of Vegalicious Crazy Coconut Crunchy Treats that was amazing and yummy smelling when I cracked open the bag. (4 stars)
  5. An itty bitty cute decal that is definitely going on my FIAT SPIDER 124 which is lovingly named Bart’s window.

The Review

Hawaiian Hibiscus Dog Dress w/ Matching Leash
Doggie Design Diaper

The first thing we tried out was that adorable dress. It was freakishly well made (almost indestructible), and the velcro and body shape helped make getting it on to Charlotte that much easier. The construction of the dress itself was unique. It was the like a hide-a-vest with a skirt on it which does a good job of fitting the dog without compromising the stability promised from a harness. Furthermore, Charlotte was so cute in it that I just had to put on her little diaper to see how it would go! It too was super cute, and to Charlotte’s chagrin, she couldn’t get it off which is saying something. Before she was spayed she would not keep on her diapers, and it was like chasing a fish with your bare hands every time a change was needed– not fun at all!

Vegalicious Crazy Coconut Crunchy Treats

After Stan Lee got done looking at and giving her two paws up for her cute new clothes, we cracked open the Vegalicious treats. First of all, those treats smelled glorious. As a human, I wanted to try them.  That’s how yummy they smelled, and apparently the dogs agreed because the treats are gone and I’m getting a death glare for not having more to give. They are made from coconut and are plant based. If your pup is ok with treats which aren’t chock full of meat, these would make for a perfect training incentive.

Bark Notes Collar Sleeve

The only product that I would make any changes to is the Bark Notes Collar Sleeve. While the small “Friendly” tag works for a friendly dog, there are a lot of inattentive and inconsiderate people in the world who will either not notice or not care about a smallish tag. We unfortunately have first-hand knowledge of this because a small girl ran screaming up to our poor Stan Lee when he was a puppy and scared the begeebus out of him. Then, other people kept approaching without asking to pet him and would just reach out and touch him without his consent… and bibbidy bobbidy boo he became the shy and protective dog that he is. If the tag was a little bigger with a bolder print, it would go a long way to identify if a dog is or is not ok to pet, but you still will have to practice heavy preventative screening if your dog is shy. That being said, the tag is rugged and well made. It can stand up to some puppy chewing on the lead (we put it there after people kept ignoring it on Charlotte’s collar).

All in all, I’d say this is a first-rate shop that knows their clients and gives them what they want. Good Dog Gold Standard and some very happy paws way up! (5 total stars)

Visit the DinkyDogClub at https://www.dinkydogclub.com/ and check out their products at https://www.dinkydogclub.com/collections/all

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DinkyDogClub Product Review Round-Up – Good Dog! Gold Standard
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