Boo Boo’s Best Rabbit and Kangaroo Dog Food Toppers

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By Christine Boswell

Do you love exotic new foods? Does your dog or cat as well? Have you ever tried rabbit or kangaroo or wanted to try it out on your doggos or puppers? Then, you really need to check out the unique dog food toppers from Boo Boo’s Best. It’s owned by Jocelyn Rosenthal, and is based out of San Francisco, California. My husband and I have not had kangaroo, but we had a rabbit kimchi sandwich from the famous Luke’s Inside Out food truck in Austin, Texas and let me tell you that was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life. I figured that if all rabbit tastes that glorious, our dogs would love these treats / meal toppers.

Stats and Initial Thoughts

Here’s what you need to know about this K-9 kibble. There are seven training treat flavors: Kangaboo, Remarkable Rabbit, Perfect Pork & Wild Boar, Glorious Goat, Groovy Gator, Awesome Anchovies, and Mighty Mussels. We were given two packages each of the Kangaboo and Remarkable Rabbit recipes to test out on our puppers. The Kangaboo dog food toppers are made with Wild Australian Kangaroo, fruit, veggies, and coconut oil. Then, like a great jerky it is slowly dehydrated to perfection.  It smells like a glorious meaty treat and I was left wondering… if a bell had rung, would I have drooled? The rabbit is made with domestic French rabbit, fruits, veggies, and coconut oil. It too is slowly dehydrated into jerky chews for your pets. The bags were well made and durable. They tore open fairly well, and I was not left with a messed-up seal; a major plus for me. Of the two, the rabbit smelled much more glorious whilst the kangaroo was more meaty and manly. Our boarding facility’s kennel master told us that kangaroo is super popular in Australia and is like the beef of the continent. I’m not so sure about that, but our dogs’ ears popped up super straight when I tore open the bag and swished it around in the air for them to waft and bask in the glory of the meat smells. 

Love at First Bite

So there we were… standing in the kitchen. We were preparing the feast for our mighty beasts whilst they played tug-of-war outside with their gigantic rope toy. Each plate was filled with a small handful of their normal food, ¼ cup of the Kangaboo, and three pieces of the Remarkable Rabbit. We then separated the animals and gave them each a plate.  The cat dug in right away, and Charlotte did too. Helen took some coaxing (only because she’s old and blind), but Stan Lee about lost his mind trying to get the noms. If you see in the video below I told him to scoot back, and he did. That’s how much he wanted the plate of treats. All of the animals ate all of their samples plus they finished off the bag throughout the week. There were no upset tummies and everyone seemed to really enjoy the treats. Unfortunately, their breath was less stellar after eating said noms. Meaty goodness does that to you though so that can’t be helped. 

The Wrap Up

We love these delectable, delicious, and daring dog food toppers. They smell good, the dogs enjoyed eating them, and we were even able to teach the cat to fetch with it as a training treat. I loved the packaging, loved how well behaved my dogs are when they want some kangaroo or rabbit, and how healthy this food is for my darlings.

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Boo Boo's Best Rabbit and Kangaroo Dog Food Toppers
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