Nifti SafeLatch Makes It Easy to Get the Leash On

Is your four legged best friend as much of a pain in the rear end to get on a leash as ours? Does yours act like they are being murdered and go into a death roll once you get ahold of their collar? Is taking your pooch to the vet or for a walk a battle of wills to get started, but not that bad after the darn thing is on? Then you might have a doggo like ours. Charlotte, bless her little heart, absolutely 100.00% does not like to be put on a leash.  Don’t get me wrong. Once it’s on she’s fine, but oh my GAWD getting the darn thing on her is a battle every… single… time. We think it goes back to her being re-homed or that perhaps one of the many breeds in her might be more wild than domestic… who knows– what I do know is that until I got my hands on a Nifti SafeLatch Leash, taking her on a simple walk was simply a nightmare before we ever even got started (we promise she is actually halfway behaved… normally).

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The Stats

Proprietary benefits include a life-saving feature that secures the bolt inside the hook pocket, a retaining magnet that helps avoid accidental release (also aids in getting the darn thing on), the ability to put on the leash with one hand, and easy thumb shaped level that keeps your fingers safely away whilst putting the leash clasp on (massive thank you for that one).

Safety and convenience benefits include high quality materials that ensure strength and durability. The leash has passed an independent pull force test exceeding 660 lbs. You can hear your pet being clicked safely into the leash with a snap so that there is no question of did you or did you not get the leash on, and there is a handy dandy D-ring at the handle for your keys or doggy bags.

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Our Thoughts

The Nifti SafeLatch Leash is really quite nifty. The magnet is a miraculous and genius addition to a super sturdy clasp. It sucks the collar loop up and in so quickly that the death rolling Princess Fluffy Butt doesn’t have time to react to being put on the leash. There is no fumbling, no bumbling, I don’t get donkey kicked or cut by Charlotte talons, and Charlotte doesn’t almost kill herself trying to get away. Since getting the leash, I’ve been able to take Charlotte to and from the vet, for two walks, and two sessions of putting on the leash in practice. I’ve wrapped it around a tree and attached it to Stan Lee, our almost 200 lb. King Shepherd and had him try to pull free. His efforts were unsuccessful. I’ve tried out the key ring, and found it to be useful. I do, however, use a coded garage door opener so keys are pointless 90.000% of the time for me, but hey if I ever need them… the ring works. I’ve also discovered that you can use the loop to tie the leash down in the car when transporting the dogs to keep them in the back and out of your face (one of Charlotte’s favorite things to do). I’ve driven over the clasp four times, and it has held up. All in all, it does what is promises plus some, makes my life easier, and keeps Charlotte from almost breaking her neck just for walkies. Thank you Nifti SafeLatch Leash. You made our lives a little less crazy.

By Christine Boswell

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