Ory from San Francisco, CA USA!

Good Dog of the Week for 10/2/17

This fine pupper hails from San Francisco, CA and his name is Ory!

Ory is an Australian Shepard, Australian Cattle Dog, and Beagle mix owned by Ben C + Tracey C. Read on to find out more!

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Why is your dog a good dog?
Ory is a good dog because he is loyal and never leaves my side. He always turns back and waits to make sure I am never too far away.

Is your dog ever not a good dog?
One time he got into the kibble and ate himself into a coma. He was groaning all night!

Favorite food?

Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food

Favorite toy?
Zippy Burrow – Hedgehog Den

Who is your dog’s celebrity look alike?

Keanu Reeves

Interesting facts?
We thought Ory was a Corgi mix until doing a DNA test. We are happy with the result, but upset that now we can’t participate in Corgi Con. Wisdom Panel was the DNA testing service we used.

That’s a Good Dog!