Kiwi from San Francisco USA!

Good Dog of the Week for 12/4/17

Kiwi baby is cool, glamorous, and cosmopolitan– that’s why she’s our Good Dog of the Week! Think you’ve got a Good Dog? Click here to submit them for consideration!

Breed / Mix: Miniature Poodle

Age: 2.5 years

Owner’s Name(s): Tammie L.

Location: San Francisco, CA USA

Why is your dog a good dog? Kiwi has the best personality and loves everyone. She is playful but also knows when to stop and sit with me on the couch. She doesn’t bark, doesn’t bite, doesn’t dig in the trash can, and won’t eat human food even if it’s right in front of her.

Is your dog ever not a good dog? When she is pissed off, if you don’t talk to her, she will grab all her toys and blankets and scatter them everywhere.

Favorite food? Her dog treats, which I bought from Costco.

Favorite toy? The red ball. Only that red ball! I tried to buy her different colors, but no, only that red ball.

Who is your dog’s celebrity look alike? Rihanna

Dog social media accounts? Instagram: poodlekiwi420sf

Interesting facts? She won’t squeeze through door if it is not fully open. I guess she thinks she is too big to get through!

That’s a Good Dog!