Skipper from Knoxville USA!

Good Dog of the Week for 2/5/18

It’s an unfair fact of life that gentlemen dogs only get better looking with age– more distinguished. Skipper suffers from “photographer’s child syndrome” so he’s been captured from more angles than Kim Kardashian and loves to stretch out elegantly for a “paint me like one of your French girls” photo shoot a la Titanic. Think you’ve got a Good Dog? Click here to submit them for consideration!

Breed and Age:
Schipperke/Jack Russel/Mutt mix. Almost 16 years old.

Owner Names:
Alisa W.

Why is your dog a good dog?
We’re celebrating Skipper’s 15th Gotcha Day on February first. We adopted him from the Humane Society of Wilson County (TN), which is now called New Leash on Life. He was brought in as a stray with a collar but no tags. The staff had named him Lover Boy because he loved everyone. It didn’t take long to figure out he was a runner. We figured he got too far away from his previous home and couldn’t find his way back. He has always loved chasing squirrels. He has been my constant companion and confidant. Even though his hearing and eyesight are failing, he still looks out for me and keeps the villainous squirrels away. His favorite place is on the couch beside me. He’s always close by when I’m moving around the house. He’s the best dog ever!

Has your dog ever not been a good dog?
Right after we got Skipper he found a loose thread on the couch arm and ended up chewing a hole as deep as his snout in the couch. He also accidentally turned over some plants and chewed one up when we weren’t home. This was years ago. He’s been a good dog the rest of the time.

What’s your dog’s favorite food / what brand of food do you feed them?
His favorite food is puréed turkey that I make for him.

Does your dog have a favorite toy?
Since Skipper’s sight and hearing have started to fail, he doesn’t play with toys very often. He used to love squeaky squirrels and ducks, and loved to play tug of war with his rope. He’s “killed” many of his stuffed babies over the years by chewing holes in them and pulling the stuffing out.

Who is your dog’s celebrity lookalike?
William Powell

Interesting facts about your dog?
He used to do a lot of tricks. He sleeps a lot now that he’s 15+ years old.

That’s a Good Dog!