Zak from Philadelphia, USA

Good Dog of the Week for 3/12/18

Many of us have a favorite superhero, but not one of them compares to Zak! His superpowers include having a dazzling smile and being a loyal friend and comforting his humom when she needed him most. And that’s why Zak is our Good Dog of the Week!

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Breed: Beagle Mix

Age: 7 years

Owner’s Name: Debbie S.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Why is your dog a good dog? I’ve had a few major surgeries and he always comforts me. When I was in the hospital for 6 weeks, my family brought him to see me. We both were so happy and excited to see each other. He kept kissing me then looking the at the door as if to say, “let’s go home!” I got so much better after seeing him.

Has your dog ever not been a good dog? Sometimes if I leave him home alone, he poops in my room.

Favorite food / What brand of food do you feed him? Pro Plan Weight Management

Favorite toy? His stuffing-less squirrel

Who is your dog’s celebrity look alike? Zac Efron


Any other interesting facts about your dog? Zak has his own baby car seat he sits in when we go out.

That’s a good dog!