Beazer from Temecula, USA

Good Dog of the Week for 4/16/18

Although he may be a little doggo, Beazer has a HUGE heart! Even with his handsome good looks, Beazer is very much a down-to-earth boye with a sweet personality. He’s also a loving and super-intelligent doggo who brings joy to his humans…and that’s why Beazer is our Good Dog of the Week!

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Breed: Chihuahua

Age: 4-1/2 years

Owner’s Name: LeAnne R.

Location: Temecula, California, USA

Why is your dog a good dog? Whenever I can’t find him I turn around and he’s right behind me.

Has your dog ever not been a good dog? He eats toilet paper.

Favorite food / What brand of food do you feed him? Blue Buffalo

Favorite toy? His stuffed giraffe.

Who is your dog’s celebrity look alike? Adrien Brody

Any other interesting facts about Beazer? He can literally understand whole sentences. If I ask him to bring me my reading glasses he walks over picks them up very carefully and brings them to me. He never cries rarely barks and does not act like a Chihuahua.

He is also the Mannkind shareholder mascot. Mannkind sells AFREZZA, the world’s only inhalable insulin for both type one and type two diabetics. I believe he knows when someone is diabetic and gives them special love!

That’s a good dog!