Good Breeder schedule of events

Stay tuned for details about our weekly Good Breeder Webinars featuring special guests -- the date and time for each Webinar will be released each week!

by Dr. Judi Stella, PhD - Head of Standards & Research at Good Dog

Future Events

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Past Events

Dr. James Serpell & Dr. Chris Zink Talk C-BARQ & Early/Spay Neuter: Good Breeder Webinar

Event Description: Join world-renowned leading canine behaviorist and co-creator of C-BARQ, Dr. James Serpell, and veterinary specialist, Vet of the Year, Dr. Chris Zink, DVM, for a discussion on how breeders can use C-BARQ to breed for behavior and recent research on the effects of early spay/neuter.

How Good Dog Can Help YOU Manage Your Breeding Program: Good Breeder Webinar

Event Description: Join Lauren, our Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, and Laura from our Product Team to learn how Good Dog can help YOU manage your breeding program, how to get the most out of your Good Breeder membership, see an overview of current & new features, and get a sneak peak of new features!

Q&A with Dr. Hutchison, DVM: Good Breeder Webinar

Event Description: Listen to world-renowned Dr. Robert Hutchison, DVM for the latest information on dog breeding. Hear your fellow breeders' questions answered by one of the leading experts (and legends) of the dog world. Dr. Hutchison is recognized internationally for his leading expertise in canine reproduction and work with canine frozen semen.

Webinar: A conversation with Lisa Shaffer, Founder & CEO of Paw Print Genetics

Event Description: Learn about how genetic testing can help you have healthier dogs and get your questions about canine genetics answered by Lisa Shaffer, Founder & CEO of Paw Print Genetics.

Hosts & Guests: Cat, Judi, Monica, & Lisa Shaffer, Founder & CEO of Paw Print Genetics

Good Breeder Appreciation Virtual Happy Hour: Meet the Good Dog Team!

Event Description: Meet members of the Good Dog team – including our co-founders, Josh and Lauren! This is a great opportunity for you to get to see some of our awesome breeder specialists who you've spoken with over the phone! :) Plus, you can see members of our product, design, and creative teams too.

Hosts & Guests: Cat, Judi, Monica, Josh, Lauren, Stephen, Trevor, Melissa, Sigornie, Mike, Kaelin

How to Protect Yourself Against Scammers

Event Description: Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to protect yourself, your breeding program, and your puppy buyers from online scammers, what steps you can take to hold scammers accountable in the event you or your breeding program is targeted, and about the free services Good Dog provides breeders to help safeguard your reputation and protect you and your intellectual property. Hear inspiring stories from your fellow breeders about how, together, we’ve succeeded in shutting scammers and scam sites down.

Hosts & Guests: Cat, Judi, and Monica

Good Dog & WALA

Event Description: Join us to learn more about Good Dog's mission, what Good Dog can offer you, and how WALA and Good Dog can work together to change the dog world :)

Hosts & Guests: Cat, Judi, and Monica

A Conversation on Canine Genetics Between Good Dog & Embark

Event Description: Ask Ryan Boyko, CEO and Co-Founder of Embark DNA, all of your questions about canine genetic health!

Hosts & Guests: Good Dog (Cat, Judi, & Monica) and Ryan Boyko, CEO & Co-Founder of Embark DNA

Let’s Talk About Transportation During Covid-19: Good Breeder Webinar

Event Description: Let’s talk about transportation! The new Covid-19 related travel restrictions have made it more difficult for many breeders to get their pups to their new homes. Join us to learn what Good Dog and our community are doing to help you get your pups to their new homes, connect with your fellow breeders, share your feedback, and tell us how Good Dog can help you.

Hosts & Guests: Cat, Judi, & Monica

Good Breeder Webinar: Health, Safety, & Socialization During Covid-19 with Avidog

Event Description: Ask a veterinarian, Dr. Gayle Watkins and Dr. Chris Zink (bio here and here) from Avidog, your COVID-19 questions! Join us for the kick-off to our new weekly webinar series, Cat’s Dog Corner. Stay connected, get advice from veterinarians and other experts, give us feedback about how we can help you (in this ever-changing sitch), share tips with your fellow breeders, and learn about updates to Good Dog – our design team and computer engineers are using this time to build you an even better site!

Hosts & Guests: Good Dog (Cat, Judi, Monica) + Dr. Gayle Watkins and Dr. Chris Zink with Avidog