Good Dog Pay FAQs

Good Dog Pay FAQs

What is Good Dog Pay?

Good Dog Pay is the first and only secure online payment service designed for responsible breeders, and will be exclusively available to Good Breeders who have passed our screening process. Good Dog Pay was built specifically for responsible breeders to be able to safely, securely, and conveniently request and receive money from buyers. Good Dog stands behind every Good Dog Pay transaction by guaranteeing full payment to breeders and buyers. We also provide lifetime support and access to educational resources to promote responsible dog ownership. Every detail is thought through to meet your needs, from making it easy to accept deposits to automatically keeping records. By eliminating scams and providing peace-of-mind for both sides, breeders and buyers can focus on what really matters, the dogs.

Why was Good Dog Pay built?

Good Dog is on a mission to put an end to online puppy scams and disreputable breeders through education and transparency.

Today, many prospective dog owners pay for their puppy using payment platforms like PayPal and Zelle. While these tools are great for paying family and friends, they were never designed for dog payments, and because they allow anyone to open an account and don’t provide protection to either breeders or buyers, they all too often end up being used by scammers and other irresponsible sources to take advantage of well-intentioned breeders and buyers.

Buyers, desperate to get a dog, have trusted breeders they shouldn’t have and paid them thousands of dollars through these platforms, never to receive a dog. And breeders have had to deal with fraudulent payment reversals and chargebacks by buyers after they’ve taken the dog home with no available recourse. As more people turn to the internet to find a dog, these kinds of scams and unethical practices will continue to prosper — fueling a broken system that harms everyone, even those who try their best to be responsible.

Our goal with Good Dog Pay is to provide a trusted, secure payment method available only to our community of vetted breeders that protects consumers from the heartache of puppy scams and defends the reputation of responsible breeders. Good Dog fully stands behind every transaction made through our site, guaranteeing scam-free payment to breeders and buyers. We'll provide support to make the process as seamless as possible so we can help build a better world for our dogs and the people who care for them.

How does Good Dog Pay work?

Good Dog Pay is only available to vetted Good Breeders. Through Good Dog Pay, you have the ability to request, receive and manage your payments securely online, all without being charged any fees. You can request payments from buyers through your Good Dog dashboard on the new “Payments” page by entering the amount requested and a few details about the transaction. Good Dog Pay can be used to accept any type of payment related to your program including deposits, dog payments, transportation and more.

When a payment is requested, your buyer will be immediately notified via email and can conveniently submit their payment using a credit or debit card (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club). You’ll then be notified via email once a payment is successfully made and the funds will automatically be transferred fee-free directly into your preferred bank account or debit card. When a buyer pays you, we immediately verify the payment so you can have instant peace-of-mind.

You also have access to your own personal payment link (for example that you can share with buyers anywhere, whether email, text message, website page, etc., as Good Dog Pay can be used with buyers that you are communicating with both on or off of the Good Dog platform. Messages from buyers on Good Dog also include a quick link to request a payment.

The experience is simple, secure, and mobile-friendly. Each transaction is recorded and updated on your Payments page in the Good Dog dashboard, making it easy for you to manage and organize your transactions.

In the unlikely event of a problem with a buyer’s payment, Good Dog always has your back. Good Dog stands behind every transaction and our team is always available by email and phone to help quickly address any issues or questions.

To see Good Dog Pay in action, check out a video demo of Lauren, one of our co-founders, showing you how to request a payment.

Are there fees?

Good Dog Pay is completely free for Good Breeders. We charge buyers who pay using Good Dog Pay a reasonable Support & Protection Fee that helps us offer lifetime support, protect payments, run Good Dog and screen our community of breeders as we work to put an end to unethical practices. The fee also provides payment protection to the buyer and support from our team for the life of the dog.

The Support & Protection Fee varies with the price of the dog, but is generally around 5-8 percent. It will always be listed completely separate from your prices (which are always in your complete control) and the benefits are clearly explained to the buyer at the time of payment.

It’s important to us to keep our community free for Good Breeders who already invest so much into their dogs. We’ve found that buyers are willing to pay for the peace-of-mind of using a payment service built specifically for buying a dog that offers security, protection and support.

How do I receive my money?

You can connect your preferred bank account or debit card to receive money sent to you via Good Dog Pay. Money is paid out to your bank account or debit card when the payment is made by the buyer. You will receive an email notification confirming that the payment has been successfully made and the money is on it’s way to your bank or debit card. It typically takes 1-3 business days for the money to transfer into your connected account, but with Good Dog Pay’s immediate payment verification, you can have peace-of-mind instantly when the buyer makes a payment.

How secure is Good Dog Pay?

Good Dog takes security extremely seriously. Our team has a deep background in technology with decades of experience in online payments. Good Dog’s founders built the systems that ran, which processed hundreds of millions of dollars in payments, and our head of legal affairs is a corporate lawyer with extensive experience in intellectual and privacy law. Our goal is to apply our experience in these areas to bring trust to the process of buying a dog.

Though we are a growing company, payments on Good Dog are processed by the leading provider in the payments industry, Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This bank-level security is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe makes use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain the highest level of security.

No bank or card information is stored on our servers and therefore cannot be accessed by anyone who attempts to hack our systems. Stripe encrypts all data with AES-256, which means that payment information is translated into a type of secret language that can’t be understood by outsiders or hackers. Our team rapidly investigates any reported security issues and will respond quickly to any security-related concern.

Can I use Good Dog Pay with buyers that are not on Good Dog?

Yes, we want responsible breeders to be able to offer the security and peace-of-mind that comes with Good Dog Pay to all of their buyers. You can enter anyone’s email address to request a payment using Good Dog Pay on the Payments page of your Good Dog dashboard. The buyer will receive your request for payment over email, which links them to a simple form where they can enter their payment information.

You also have access to your own Good Dog Pay link (which is just, that you can share with your buyers via email, text, etc., as well as a Good Dog Pay button you can add to your website, making it easy to receive payments.

What are the benefits of Good Dog Pay to me as a breeder?

Our goal is to provide a payment solution that is tailored specifically to your needs as a responsible breeder and offers advantages you can’t get through general payment methods like physical checks, cash, PayPal or Zelle.

Here are the key benefits of using Good Dog Pay:

  • A convenient, modern, secure electronic payment method built specifically for the needs of responsible breeders
  • No fees for breeders
  • Good Dog stands behind each transaction and guarantees you will receive your payments, giving you and your buyers peace-of-mind
  • Immediate payment verification and confirmation so you don’t have to wait for a check to clear
  • Distinguishes you as a Good Breeder (only vetted breeders will have access to Good Dog Pay, helping to weed out disreputable sources)
  • Easy refunds
  • Quick support from our dedicated, knowledgeable team if you run into any issues or need help resolving a difficult situation (including any issues related to non-refundable deposits)
  • Details of each payment automatically invoiced and recorded for easy organization
  • Support for the life of the dog for you and your buyers
  • Educational resources from Good Dog for your buyers
  • Buyer reviews and testimonials verified by Good Dog

What are the benefits of Good Dog Pay for my buyers?

Good Dog Pay offers buyers protection and peace-of-mind knowing that only responsible, vetted breeders can receive payments through Good Dog. Payments are guaranteed to be scam-free, which is especially important for the larger transaction amounts required when buying a puppy from a reputable breeder. A buyer’s participation in Good Dog Pay supports our vetting process and mission and also offers them the following benefits:

  • Convenient and secure online payment with the ability to use a credit or debit card of their choice
  • Peace-of-mind with payments fully protected by Good Dog and guaranteed refunds when warranted
  • Lifetime support from Good Dog, including help from a Good Dog specialist if any issues arise
  • Access to special educational and support resources from our experts to help them become a responsible dog owner

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime at and we'll get back to you right away.