Facebook’s ban on animal sales diminishes the efforts of responsible breeders

Many reputable breeders have found themselves in what they’re calling “Facebook jail” after the platform started enforcing their ban on animal sales.

by Good Dog

How reputable breeders are affected

While Facebook’s policy against those involved in selling and advertising animals within the platform has been in place for a long time, only recently have they begun increasing their attempts to enforce it. Under their Commerce Policy, the social media giant lists that any post promoting the sale of an animal is strictly prohibited. The presumed intention is to cull puppy mills and disreputable sources from scamming and making money off of individuals online. Though, in the process, ethical and reputable breeders are finding that their groups, business pages, and personal profiles — which they often depend on and have worked hard to create — are being pulled from the site. This has been a widespread issue for breeders who rely on Facebook to find forever homes for their puppies.

Facebook Commerce Animals Policy

Because Facebook is either unable to or does not want to determine the difference, irresponsible sources have largely been given free rein to run rampant on the social media site for years — profiting off of the anonymity a platform like Facebook provides. Within Good Dog’s Good Breeder community alone, an alarming number of reputable breeders have had their photos stolen, repurposed, and advertised by an unethical source passing off the puppies as their own. Behind each transaction made by these individuals often lies a great deal of animal cruelty. Unsuspecting customers might find themselves left caring for an inbred, sick, or malnourished puppy that was the result of unethical breeding practices.

Facebook’s policing of these kinds of pages is well meaning at first glance, but their methods have led to reputable, responsible dog breeders being harmed and diminished. Ethical breeders who pour an immense amount of money, time, and energy into their dogs are now often unable to connect with potential customers — sometimes even losing contact with people who they have been in touch with for months. Pulling reputable breeders from the platform opens up a gap in the market that many puppy mills and disreputable sources will rush to fill. The very attempt to eliminate these unethical practices has instead allowed them to flourish, all while curtailing the efforts made by responsible individuals who deserve to have a voice.

Good Dog is an entirely cost-free platform dedicated to empowering reputable breeders. Here’s what we’re doing to help the individuals who have been affected.

How Good Dog is stepping up

At Good Dog, we’re working hard to help breeders impacted by this change in Facebook’s policy enforcement. We screen, recognize, celebrate, and support the ethical breeders who put an incredible amount of work into their dogs, all while weeding out the irresponsible breeders that try so hard to confuse good-natured potential new dog owners.

While Facebook is unreliable and disempowering, Good Dog provides a better platform for responsible breeders because it’s built specifically for them. Since responsible breeders are already pouring so much money and time into caring for their dogs, we make sure Good Dog is entirely free for every member of our Good Breeder community. Instead of being banned, placing puppies in good homes is what we’re all about — breeders that pass our screening receive fully filled out applications from educated potential customers. On our site, prospective customers have access to our Learning Center where they can educate themselves about being a dog owner, puppy mills, and why it’s so important to work with a reputable source.

Good Breeder Profile

Additionally, anyone who joins our Good Breeder community will have access to tools designed specifically to help breeders save money and energy so they can spend more time with their dogs. Good Breeders are able to easily manage their waitlist, update litters, and connect with educated customers. Anyone within the Good Breeder community also has the option to use Good Dog exclusively as their website, eliminating any hosting fees you might have to grapple with on another platform. You’ll also be able to stay organized and keep all of your customer and health records in one place. This is a platform exclusively for vetted, responsible breeders — the only way to join is through proper screening and committing to adhere to our Good Breeder Code of Ethics.

Good Dog’s goal is to end unethical practices and build a better world for our canine companions by connecting good with good in order to weed out the bad. Through educating, upholding high standards, and celebrating breeders who do so much for the well-being of their dogs — each day will be a step closer to ending a broken system.

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