How to set up the Good Dog Pay button on your website

Follow these 3 easy steps to display the Good Dog Pay button on your website.

by Good Dog

The Good Dog Pay button makes it easy to receive payments from buyers who visit your website. Displaying the button also helps raise awareness about the importance of avoiding online scams by explaining that your payment is protected. Only vetted Good Breeders are able to accept payments through Good Dog Pay.

Here’s what the button looks like:

Good Dog logo

Add the Good Dog Pay button to your website in three easy steps:

1. Download the image

First, download the button image using the link below. After opening the link, right click to “Save As…” or tap the share button to save the image if you’re on a mobile phone.

Download your Good Dog Pay button

2. Upload the image to your website

Add the image to the desired page on your website. We’d be happy to help if you need any guidance or advice as you set this up. Send us an email at letting us know you’re interested in button setup and we’ll walk you through the process.

After uploading your button to the desired page, hyperlink the image to your personal Good Dog Pay link, which you can find here on your payments page or via your Good Dog Pay invite email. We’d also be happy to share your link again if you can’t find it.

That’s it!

Once you complete these three steps, you’ll be ready to start accepting payments via your Good Dog Pay button. Your website visitors can click the button anytime to visit your personal payment page and submit a payment to you through Good Dog Pay. You’ll always be notified immediately via email when a buyer completes a payment through your button and link.

If preferred, you can also simply post your unique payment link to your website or social pages (without the button). You can always find your link on your payments page.

Still have questions? We’d be happy to walk you through this process. Just send us an email at