What to bring when you pick your puppy up

Here are 5 things you'll want to bring along when you pick up your new furry friend.

by Good Dog

Meeting your puppy for the first time is likely to be one of the most exciting, and nerve-wracking, days of your life. You get to finally bring home a new best friend for you and your family.

While you’ve already prepared your house for the new arrival, here are Good Dog’s recommendations for what to have on hand when you’re actually in the process of taking your new puppy home.

  1. Carrier: A carrier is necessary when flying home with your puppy in the cabin or if you want to keep them secure while you’re busy.
  2. Collar and leash: If you’re not holding your puppy, make sure they are always on leash so they don’t dash off. Nylon collars are recommended as they are softer on your puppy’s neck.
  3. Food and treats: Bring doggy snacks since your puppy will likely be hungry after travel. Breeders will often provide a small baggy for you.
  4. Paper or bath towels: Puppies are messy so you might want to have some paper towels or bath towels on hand in case of any accidents.
  5. An extra pair of hands: There’s a lot going on when you pick up your puppy so you might find it helpful to bring along a family member or friend to take pics, hold your carrier or drive the car while you hug your new pup.

Feel free to ask your breeder any questions about the materials or items you’ll be bringing with you, to make sure they will be good for your pup and its breed. They may also provide you with a puppy blanket, toys and other fun things for you to bring home with your new buddy.

Some people end up forming long-lasting relationships with the breeders they work with. You may end up sending photos or videos of your puppy back to the breeder as you develop a relationship with them; breeders will always be a reliable resource for you if you have any questions about taking care of your dog in the best way possible.

Congratulations! You’ve brought your puppy home! What’s next? Get ready for a wonderful start to a lifelong friendship. Here’s what to expect during your first month with your new puppy.