Shelters & Rescues

We believe that every dog deserves a good home.

We’re here to help you find the dog of your dreams, no matter where they come from. And with all the dogs in shelters and rescues, we highly encourage you to consider adoption.

You might not realize that you can find a dog with the characteristics you want in a shelter or rescue. For example, if you have your eye on a particular breed, there are lots of great rescue organizations that specialize by breed and will even help transport a dog to you from different parts of the country. Adoption might also make sense for you because of the cost of getting a dog from a breeder, or because your lifestyle is better suited to an adult dog than to a puppy.

Starting soon, we’ll be welcoming shelters and rescues onto Good Dog. They’ll be screened with the same level of care we bring to breeders, and we’ll continue to ensure that we only partner with trustworthy sources — knowledgeable, responsible, loving people who want the very best for their pups. We’ll also be providing them with free tools to help them take care of large numbers of dogs on limited funds.

But until then, here are some great shelters and rescues for you to explore. If you don’t find one that’s suitable for you in this list, we encourage you to search for others — there are lots of organizations out there doing great work.

If you work at a shelter or rescue and would like to join Good Dog or hear more about our mission and the free tools we’ll offer, please contact us at

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