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Help us put puppy mills and irresponsible dog sources out of business. Get your dog responsibly.

For far too long, puppy mills and disreputable sources have thrived off of well-intentioned people simply not knowing how to spot and avoid them. Even if prospective dog owners know to be on the lookout, they don't always know what to watch out for and many end up unknowingly buying or adopting puppies from irresponsible sources. This not only harms dogs by fueling the broken system, but often results in complications for dog parents such as unexpected health or behavioral issues.

It’s time to put an end to it. Join us in our effort to stop puppy mills and unethical sources that don't put the needs of their dogs first. You can start by learning how to avoid them, then spreading the word.

Keep an eye out for some of these red flags that help identify an unethical source

  • They require that you use a specific veterinarian
  • They don’t ask you any questions or want to interview you (e.g. websites that just let you buy a dog by entering your payment information)
  • They try to hide where their dogs come from
  • Breeders that appear to have an endless supply of dogs
  • Breeders that have too many different breeds
  • A shelter or rescue that is not a registered non-profit
  • A shelter or rescue where dogs are priced much higher than elsewhere (i.e. over $800) or breeders where they’re priced much lower than elsewhere (when done responsibly, breeding costs a lot)

Still feeling unsure? Here are some additional tips

  • Ask the breeder, shelter or rescue for a vet reference
  • Find who will be your dog’s vet, if you don’t already have one, and ask them for guidance
  • Ask for a reference from a prior new dog owner
  • Check scam sites such as BBB and IPATA
  • Don’t be fooled by breeders with USDA licenses. Having a USDA license doesn’t mean they’re not a puppy mill. In fact, most USDA-licensed breeders are large, and they’re at a bigger risk of being a puppy mill.

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