About Us

We help make the connections that every dog deserves and every human can trust.

We love dogs. We really, really love dogs. We stop and say hello to every dog we see on the street. We pride ourselves on giving the best belly rubs. The dog park is our happy place.

To us, dogs are more than just pets — they’re tail-wagging, best-friending, sometimes shoe-chewing members of the family. But the system is broken, and dogs are suffering. The ease of setting up a storefront online is making the puppy mill problem worse and worse. Well-intentioned people, who just want to give a dog a good home, don’t know who they can trust. We started Good Dog to change all that.

Our mission is to connect good with good in order to weed out the bad. We believe that transparency and accountability can give good people the power to make a difference, and by creating a place where well-informed prospective owners can meet dedicated, responsible sources, we’ll help put an end to inhumane, unethical, deceptive practices.

Working closely with our board of breeder, veterinary, and academic experts, we carefully screen every breeder, shelter and rescue on our platform to make sure their dogs are healthy and cared for. We only partner with trustworthy sources — knowledgeable, responsible, loving people who want the very best for their pups.

And that’s where you come in. Because by shining a light on quality, we won’t just be helping you find the dog of your dreams. Together, we can put an end to inhumane, unethical practices, and give all dogs the happy, healthy, belly rub-filled lives they deserve. We hope you'll join us to make it happen.