We make the connections that every dog deserves and every human can trust.

We make the connections that every dog deserves and every human can trust.

To us, dogs are more than just pets — they're tail-wagging, best-friending, sometimes shoe-chewing members of the family. But the system for getting a new dog is broken, and dogs are suffering. The ease of setting up a storefront online is making the problem worse and worse. Well-intentioned people, who just want to give a dog a good home, don't know who they can trust. We started Good Dog to change all that.

Good Dog makes it simple for people to get dogs from good sources and for reputable breeders, shelters and rescues to put their dogs in good homes. And we provide all the support and guidance you need to feel confident every step of the way.

Health & Behavior First

All dogs deserve the best chance at a healthy, well-adjusted life in a loving home. We've created a set of standards in collaboration with leading veterinary and animal welfare science experts that puts the health and well-being of dogs first. We screen every member of our community for responsible practices and are committed to helping people find a dog from a source that prioritizes the welfare of their dogs.

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Liberty Golden Retrievers

Making Quality Accessible

For far too long, finding a dog the right way has been left to chance. Irresponsible sources have thrived off of well-intentioned people who simply don't know how to spot and avoid them. Even if prospective dog owners are on the lookout, they don't always know what to look for and many end up unknowingly buying or adopting puppies from irresponsible sources. Our goal is to bring quality sources together into one community and provide the education and expertise necessary to find a dog the right way.

The Good Dog Team

A Better System

By bringing together the power of technology with the best information and experts in the dog world, we're on a tireless mission to give dogs better beginnings. We believe that transparency and accountability can give good people the power to make a difference; by creating a place where well-informed prospective owners can meet dedicated, responsible sources, we'll help put an end to inhumane, unethical, deceptive practices.

Meet Our Experts

We've partnered with the very best experts in the fields of animal welfare science, veterinary science and canine behavior. We work with these experts, utilizing their decades of knowledge and experience, to both create our community standards and implement a system in pursuit of our mission.

Dr. Brian Greenfield, DVM

Dr. Greenfield is one of the nation's leading experts in canine reproduction, breeding management, and pediatric care. He has seen more reproductive cases than almost anyone in the country and is a sought-after expert in the field. Dr. Greenfield was instrumental in developing Good Dog's standards and screening procedures, with a focus on ethical reproductive practices, veterinary care, health testing, and breeder policies.

Dr. Nate Ritter, DVM

Dr. Nate Ritter, DVM is the Veterinary Medical Director at Good Dog. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Lafayette College and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, New York State Veterinary Medical Society, the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City, and the Society for Theriogenology. Additionally, he is a USDA-accredited veterinarian.