Dogs deserve better beginnings

Dogs deserve better beginnings

To us, all dogs are good dogs — tail-wagging, gone-fetching, best-friending dogs. The kind of creatures who teach us humans how to love unconditionally. Because they’re always there for us, with us, growing alongside us, helping us become better people.

We believe every dog should have a good home so our goal is to make sure good always ends up with good — from good breeders and good shelters, to good dog owners.

The Problem

The system for finding our canine friends is broken. For far too long, irresponsible sources have thrived off of well-intentioned people not knowing how to spot and avoid them. And the ease of setting up a storefront online is just making the problem worse and worse.

Even if prospective dog owners are on the lookout, they often don’t know what to look for and may end up unknowingly buying or adopting puppies from irresponsible sources. This not only harms dogs by fueling the broken system, but often results in complications for dog owners such as unexpected health or behavioral issues. Though the dog world may not agree on everything, we can all agree that we need to do better for our dogs. We want to change the system for the better.

Our Mission

At Good Dog, we appreciate the incredible joy that dogs bring into our lives, which is why we are dedicated to making sure dogs have better beginnings and improved welfare throughout their lives.

All dogs deserve the best chance at a healthy, well-adjusted life in a loving home. Our goal is to connect good with good in order to weed out the bad. We believe that transparency and accountability can give good people the power to make a difference, and by creating a place where well-informed prospective owners can meet dedicated, vetted breeders, shelters and rescues, we’ll help put an end to inhumane, unethical, deceptive practices. We hope you’ll join us.

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Join us in our effort to stop irresponsible sources that don't put the needs of their dogs first. You can start by learning how to avoid them, then spreading the word. Learn how to #TellYourTail