Responsible breeders deserve a better system.

Good Dog is on a mission to stop inhumane and deceptive practices by educating prospective dog owners and helping them connect directly with our community of vetted, responsible breeders.

What is Good Dog?

Good Dog is the first verified community of responsible breeders across breeds. We showcase vetted breeders with free, personalized profiles that highlight their responsible breeding practices, and help well-informed prospective dog owners connect with them directly.

Our mission is to connect good with good in order to weed out the bad — puppy mills and other disreputable sources. As members of our community, breeders also have access to a full suite of modern, online breeder software, discounts and other benefits — all for free.

Learn more about our community standards by reading our Code of Ethics for breeders & dog owners.

As a Good Breeder you get...

Better informed and prepared homes for your puppies.
Informed Customers

Good Dog equips prospective dog owners with the information they need to find the right breeder for them, understand the process and provide a loving home.

Educated on Responsibility

Good Dog helps prospective dog owners understand the value of responsible breeding practices so they can make informed decisions.

All the Info You Need

We make it simple for prospective dog owners to provide all the information you need upfront with our customizable, easy-to-use application feature.

Free, easy-to-use breeder software that you can use on-the-go.

Completely free for responsible breeders

Good Dog is completely free for responsible breeders. We only work with the best and you can’t pay to be showcased in our community. Breeders on Good Dog have full control of their information and manage their communication with prospective dog owners directly.

Our Mission

The puppy system is broken. The ease of setting up a storefront online is making the puppy mill problem worse and worse. Dogs are suffering, and loving families — who want nothing more than to give a dog a good home — don’t know who they can trust. Though the dog world doesn’t agree on everything, we can all agree that we need to do better for our dogs. We want to change the system for the better. Our mission is to connect good with good in order to weed out the bad. We believe that transparency and accountability can give good people the power to make a difference, and by creating a place where well-informed prospective owners can meet dedicated, vetted breeders, we’ll help put an end to inhumane, unethical, deceptive practices. We know that great breeders often have no shortage of interest in their puppies, but if people can’t distinguish between who’s a responsible breeder and who’s not, they’ll continue to fuel the broken system. We hope you’ll join us in creating a better world for our dogs.

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