A letter from Dr. Gayle Watkins of Avidog

Dr. Gayle Watkins discusses her decision to partner with Good Dog.

by Dr. Gayle Watkins, PhD - Found of Avidog and Gaylan's Golden Retrievers

I'm thrilled and excited to announce that after nearly a year of meetings, I've officially teamed up with Good Dog! Some of you may have heard about Good Dog, some of you might already be members of their community of Good Breeders and some might have been skeptical or not interested.

I recall when the Good Dog folks started approaching Avidog Associates. I called them to ream them out and ended up falling in love with this young, energetic, tech-savvy team who are passionate about supporting and promoting responsible dog breeders. And at no cost to the responsible breeders, if you pass their screening (you can’t pay to be listed).

Good Dog is a platform that advocates for responsible breeders and responsible breeding – they’re on our side. They are here to help and are committed to supporting us. They have a deep understanding of the issues in the dog world, particularly those responsible breeders face, and have built the Good Dog platform thoughtfully and purposefully, and after learning as much as possible from us – responsible breeders. They want to provide a safe space that celebrates responsible breeders and their dogs. With our feedback and input, they want to use their expertise in technology to give us resources and support because they know that responsible breeders are the solution. They know how much time, energy, money, and emotion we invest in our programs and our dogs and they want to recognize us for all that we do and put an end to responsible breeders being unfairly attacked or blamed by educating the public.

For too long, the dog world has been divided (whether adopt don’t shop versus breeders, purebred versus mixed breed, or even within a breed) and as a result dog breeding is being threatened. It’s critical that dog breeders unite, otherwise the system will remain broken and the bad actors will increasingly outnumber the good breeders. We’re stronger together. Membership in the Good Dog community is not an endorsement of the other breeders in the community, but rather, a shared commitment to responsible breeding practices and a better world for our dogs. Join our community, join our mission. Because you and your dogs deserve better.