All about Good Dog's health testing benefits

How to access and get the most out of Good Dog's discounts and benefits.

by Dr. Judi Stella, PhD - Head of Standards & Research at Good Dog

We know how much time, effort, and investment responsible breeders put into their programs. Good Dog is committed to supporting ethical breeders by giving them the tools they need to make their program the best it can be. In the spirit of supporting responsible breeders, we offer a variety of community resources and benefits to every breeder in our community.

What exclusive benefits and discounts do I have access to as a Good Breeder?


Good Breeders receive $10 off each Embark for Breeders DNA Test with their discount code. We will update our community of breeders as new benefits become available through Embark.

Paw Print Genetics

Your Good Breeder code saves 40% off any order of diseases, coat colors, traits, and all breed-specific panels at This code is valid on any disease, panel, coat color, or trait order. This code cannot be applied to previous orders or combined with other offers. Excludes Parentage, Clear by Parentage, and DNA Profiling.

A color panel consisting of A, K, B, D, Em, S, and merle is regularly $196 but ends up at $117.60 after applying the discount code to the order at checkout.

The single disease tests start at $80 each, and each test added to the same dog automatically receives a multi-test discount. Good Breeders can apply the Good Dog code to reduce the order further. For example, three disease tests in a dog would be reg. $210, discounted to $126. Panels would start at $90 (reg. $150), and the price depends on the number of tests in the breed-specific disease panel. You must apply the code at checkout to get discounts, or call Paw Print Genetics to place their order.

There is not yet a coupon system for the Canine HealthCheck. However, you can call Paw Print Genetics anytime toll free 1-855-202-4889 or direct at 509-483-5950, and receive $25 off each Canine HealthCheck kit as a Good Breeder. The regular price is $179.95 +shipping for $250+ tests, but by mentioning Good Dog, breeders get their kits for only $154.95 +shipping. A list of the tests included in the Comprehensive Canine HealthCheck can be found online at

Animal Genetics

There are several options for breeders who choose to test through Animal Genetics. Color panels (not including Merle) are $95, and color panels (including Merle) are $120. Color, coat type, and health are $195 with your specific Good Dog code. Additionally, any Good Breeder gets 25% off full health panels through Animal Genetics.

All dogs who don't need full panels, or don't have an applicable panel, can use the code for 10% off of individual testing.

How can I suggest a discount?

We’re stronger as a community. Suggest a discount by sending a note to, and we’ll work with the provider to offer a discount for the Good Breeder community.

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