Good Dog’s new partnership with Revival Animal Health!

Good Dog has teamed up with Revival Animal Health to provide Good Breeders an exclusive discount on quality products.

by Cat Matloub, Esq. - Head of Partnerships, Community & Legal Affairs at Good Dog

We’re so excited to announce our new partnership with Revival Animal Health who has been supporting the breeding and raising of healthy dogs by providing pet supplies, medications and pharmacy needs for over 25 years. In our mission to support breeders, educate the public and promote canine health, we are honored to collaborate with partners like Revival that provide such incredible support to our Good Breeder community and access quality products and amazing customer support to care for your dogs!

An Exclusive Discount for Good Breeders

Revival is relaunching its breeder-focused brand, Breeder's Edge (more on that below!), and as part of this celebration, Good Breeders get $10 off any order of $99 or more for all Revival products with an exclusive discount code! Note this discount is available for a limited time between 8/19/2020 through 9/18/2020.

If you are a Good Breeder, access the discount code and learn more about our new partnership by visiting our Good Breeder Resources & Benefits page.

If you aren’t yet a Good Breeder, apply to join Good Dog today to access this discount and other exclusive benefits!

Learn More from Dr. Marty Greer, Revival Animal Health’s Director of Veterinary Services, on this week’s episode of The Good Dog Pod

Make sure to tune into this week’s episode of The Good Dog Pod, with special guests Dr. Marty Greer (DVM, JD) and Sheryl Bradbury (Revival’s Owned Brands Manager) to learn more about the role of nutrients, vitamins and macro-nutrient profiles in the health of breeding dogs and how to give your dogs the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong!

About Breeder’s Edge

Breeder’s Edge® is the first and only brand dedicated solely to making sure you have what you need for successful breeding. The products fit together like a system, cutting through the noise to help you give your dogs the Edge they need at every stage of their reproductive life. The mission at Breeder’s Edge is Healthier Moms, Healthier Newborns. They help you achieve this by providing you with the products and plans you need to keep your males, females, and newborns at their healthiest. Learn more here!

How can I suggest a discount?

We’re stronger as a community. Suggest a discount by sending a note to, and we’ll work with the provider to offer a discount for the Good Breeder community.

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