Why a shelter’s practices are so important

Working with a reputable shelter or rescue organization ensures that you are protecting the welfare of animals and setting yourself up for success with your new pup.

by Good Dog

Most shelters and rescues do incredible, life-saving work but when adopting a dog from one of these organizations, you’ll want to be sure they’re prioritizing the well-being of their animals and always have both your and your new pup’s best interests at heart.

The relationship between a shelter or rescue and a (potential) dog owner is incredibly important. They should always be transparent and truthful about where their dogs came from and any important health or behavioral issues. And they should take steps to make sure that potential owners will be able to provide for the specific needs of their animals, whether that be living conditions, training or past experience. When these important steps aren’t taken, poor matches between dogs and adopters or heartbreaking surprises (in both health and behavior) may lead to abandonment yet again.

At Good Dog, we’re working to apply standards and create transparency throughout the entire process of getting a dog in order to build and maintain that trustworthy relationship. We’ve worked with experts to develop standards that ensure the shelter and rescue organizations on our platform are committed to the well-being of their animals.

In addition to transparency and honesty, a good shelter or rescue will run their organization with fiscal responsibility. As a registered non-profit, they will often be fully transparent about where the money goes in their organization and how they make decisions. This ensures that you are supporting sources who are committed to the care of their animals and causes.

Good shelters and rescues are also passionate about improving the welfare of animals in their community and often have additional programs aimed at ending pet homelessness. They may work on intake prevention, spay/neuter programs, providing low cost vet care, offering educational resources and much more.

It’s simple: getting a dog from a responsible source is the best way to ensure your best chances at a successful and fulfilling life with your dog — and you’ll be promoting the well-being of animals in your community to boot.