Why is Good Dog Pay a better payment solution?

Why is Good Dog Pay a better payment solution?

Wondering how Good Dog Pay compares to existing payment solutions? Here's a quick overview.

Good Dog Pay Compared to
Other Payment Methods

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With Good Dog Pay, you never have to worry about having a check bounce again. No more having to ask a buyer to mail you a check weeks in advance and then having to manually keep track of received and cashed checks, or worse have it get lost in the mail. Instead, a buyer can pay you with whatever credit or debit card is most convenient for them and the payment is confirmed instantly, transferred directly to your preferred bank account or debit card and guaranteed by us.


Receiving large amounts of cash can be not only inconvenient, but dangerous for breeders. Additionally, counterfeit bills have become increasingly difficult to spot. Gathering large amounts of cash can also be difficult and unsafe for buyers, especially if it’s a weekend and banks are closed so a buyer has to stop at multiple ATMs.

Venmo or Zelle

Transferring money for the sale of a dog is prohibited by both Venmo and Zelle. Though not often enforced, it does mean that neither company will step in to help if something goes wrong, leaving both breeders and buyers with no recourse. Moreover, they’re tools often used by disreputable sources, which makes it hard for buyers to tell who they should trust.

Zelle Terms and Conditions: “We further reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Service if we believe that you are using the Service for business or commercial purposes.” Read more

Venmo Terms and Conditions: “Except for transactions expressly authorized by Venmo, for example, transactions with authorized merchants or made using your Venmo Mastercard®, personal accounts may not be used to conduct business, commercial or merchant transactions with other personal accounts, which includes paying or accepting payment from other personal accounts held by users you do not personally know for goods or services.” Read more


We’ve heard too many stories from responsible breeders who have been the victims of fraudulent chargebacks or reversed payments after buyers have taken their new dog home. Buyers are also nervous about using PayPal because they have heard the stories, or worse been victims themselves, of scams where a large amount of money is sent but no dog is ever received. With Good Dog Pay, you and your buyers can have peace-of-mind knowing we immediately verify payments, guarantee payments, and provide support if any issues ever arise. We protect Good Breeders and their buyers.

PayPal Terms and Conditions: “We prohibit any transactions that we determine (or suspect) might be illegal. We also regulate transactions involving:

Items that fall into highly regulated categories or industries, many of which are also regulated by government and other agencies worldwide. One such category is animal and wildlife products, including the sale and delivery of live animals or any part of an endangered or protected animal.” Read more

On the other hand, Good Dog Pay offers:

Ease and convenience for breeders and buyers — Breeders get paid directly to their preferred bank account or debit card. Buyers can use the credit or debit card of their choice.

No risk and instant peace-of-mind — Payments are secure and utilize bank-level security so your information can never be stolen. Payments are instantly verified and guaranteed by Good Dog.

Terms and Conditions written for breeders — Our Terms and Conditions were written explicitly to support the needs of breeders and their buyers.

Support team dedicated to serving breeders’ needs — Our team of dog-lovers is trained and devoted to helping the breeders and buyers in our community.

Automatic record keeping and invoicing — All payments are automatically stored electronically in one central place for you with all the dog-specific information you need.

Lifetime support if any issues arise — We offer breeders and buyers lifetime support for all dogs purchased with Good Dog Pay.

Education — Educational resources to help buyers be responsible dog owners.

Supports a better world for dogs — Since Good Dog Pay is only available to vetted Good Breeders, payments through Good Dog Pay help buyers avoid scammers and disreputable sources, helping to weed them out of the system.

If you'd like to get started with Good Dog Pay, head to your Payments page in your Dashboard to request your first payment or set up your bank account or debit card to receive your payments.

Still have questions or want to speak with someone from our team about Good Dog Pay? You can read more FAQs related to Good Dog Pay, send us an email at help@gooddog.com or call us at 1-855-446-6336 and we'll get back to you right away.