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Dedicated to dog breeders. Because you deserve better.

Good Dog is on a mission to educate the public, promote canine health, and help informed buyers connect directly with Good Breeders.

Good Breeders are the solution.

We support Good Breeders because our mission is to give our dogs a better world, and responsible breeders are the solution. Responsible breeders produce healthy dogs, educate buyers, find forever homes, and stand behind their dogs for life.

Yet far too often, they're unfairly attacked or lumped in with disreputable sources. These assumptions have resulted in deep-seated, harmful effects on the dog world. We're on a mission to serve as an advocate for responsible breeders because by educating the public and supporting good breeders, we can push the disreputable sources out and change the conversation.

We know how much time, energy and money it takes to...

  • Care for your dogs
  • Screen potential owners
  • Manage your waitlist
  • Keep track of records
  • Manage payments and deposits

Responsible breeders deserve more.
That’s why we built Good Dog.

Our platform gives you the recognition and support you deserve, helping you run your program so you can focus on what matters — the dogs.

The leading experts are with us

We're here to help you thrive

  • Help and tech support when you need it

    You can always easily reach our team by email or phone whenever you have a question. We’re committed to helping you thrive on our platform.

  • Advice from experts

    We're bringing together the best minds in the dog world with the goal of providing access to helpful guidance and the latest information for your program.

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  • Exclusive discounts and benefits

    We're stronger together. Get access to exclusive Good Breeder Benefits including free legal advice and discounts on health tests that we negotiate on behalf of our community.

Our Mission

Promote Good Breeders.
Educate the public.
Change the system.

We want to transform the system. People are continuously misled by disreputable sources that are outnumbering hardworking breeders with deceptive online storefronts, which is why it’s so critical for people to be able to find Good Breeders. We understand that although responsible breeders might not always need help finding customers, they do deserve support, recognition, community, and protection. We are here to educate the public about responsible dog ownership and serve as advocates for Good Breeders.

Our mission is to connect good with good in order to weed out the bad. We believe that transparency and accountability can give people the power to make a difference. By educating buyers and connecting them exclusively with responsible breeders, we can create a community that supports and rewards the good and pushes out the bad — putting an end to unethical and deceptive practices.