2 red australian cattle dogs sitting in a field
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Australian Cattle Dogs

The Australian Cattle Dog is a dog of many names: ACD, Heeler, Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Australian Heeler, or Queensland Heeler, but no matter the name, they’re a tough, smart, high-energy dog developed to control unruly cattle in the Australian wilds.

To control semi-wild cattle over long distances in the hot, unforgiving Australian backcountry, Heelers had to be tougher than the average sheep herder, or even the average European herder. They had to be nimble, resilient, and highly intelligent, but also courageous and rough-and-tumble. These traits persist today, in a bold, energetic, biddable, tough dog ready to take on any challenge. They make great companions, but can be hard to manage unless well-trained.