German Shepherd laying in the grass
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German Shepherds

He’s your hero, your friend, your equal. Strong, brave, intelligent, loyal, this breed has saved many lives worldwide. Whether as a military dog, police dog, search & rescue, or best friend - the German Shepherd is a hero of the dog world.

Any roster of heroic and famous dogs is dominated by German Shepherds. From early iconic movie stars Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin, to Buddy the first Seeing Eye dog, on to the thousands of GSDs deployed to fight in every American military action of the 20th century, German Shepherds have inspired, improved, and saved countless lives. As much as they’ve made an impact in so many public ways, their greatest contribution is no doubt is their role as a family protector and loyal companion to countless people. It’s no wonder they’ve been among America's most popular breeds for decades.