Good Dog's responsible breeder bill of rights

Responsible breeders are the backbone of the dog world. We stand with and for them.

by Cat Matloub, Esq. - Head of Partnerships, Community & Legal Affairs at Good Dog

For far too long responsible breeders have weathered unfair and misguided attacks, despite their tireless efforts toward preserving and bettering their breeds. At Good Dog, we stand in solidarity with ethical breeders everywhere. Behind every name on a dog's pedigree is a dedicated breeder who made sacrifices to better their breed — we believe that these breeders deserve respect and recognition. Our Good Breeder Bill of Rights is a pledge to celebrate and protect the efforts of responsible breeders. 

If a breeder has entrusted you with one of their puppies, know that they would never send their dogs out to just anyone. Each puppy that comes out of a breeder's program is a small piece of their heart, hard work, and their legacy. Good Dog stands with you, the breeders, your dogs, and all the families you have touched. We are stronger together. 

Breeder bill of rights

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