Have you ever had your pictures or website content stolen?

Here’s what you can do about it...

by Cat Matloub, Esq. - Head of Partnerships, Community & Legal Affairs at Good Dog

Unfortunately, responsible breeders are often targeted by criminals seeking to steal their hard work and reputations in order to mislead and defraud the public. We’re here to help. We wanted to share the quickest way we’ve found to get the offending website/material taken down.

If the offending site did not comply with your demand that they remove the offending material or you were unable to contact them to make such a demand, we recommend submitting a complaint to the offending website’s “Host” by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to this website and type in the offending website’s URL. (TIP: Be sure to include the full address, including the “http://” before the “www”)

  2. You should be taken to a “Domain Profile” for the offending site, and at the top you should see the “Host's” name (for example, “GoDaddy.com, LLC”).

  3. Google the name of the Host plus “infringement complaint policy” (for example, “GoDaddy.com infringement complaint policy”).

  4. Click on the link in Google search results to the Host's Trademark / Copyright Infringement Policy. (TIP: It should be at the top of the search results.)

  5. Find the instructions in the Host's Policy on how to submit a complaint. This will usually include links to 2 online complaint forms, one for trademark complaints (for logos, names, etc.) and one for copyright complaints (for pictures, website content, language, etc.). As an example, you can also see their Go Daddy’s policy by going to this link. (TIP: There will likely also be an option to submit the complaint via email, but the forms tend to be much faster.)

  6. Complete the relevant complaint form(s). (TIP #1: If unsure of your claim type or, if you think you have both types, you can submit both complaint forms.) (TIP #2: If given the option in the form, include both screenshots of the offending material as well as links for quicker resolution of the complaint.)

If you have any questions or have been the victim of this type of criminal behavior, please feel free to reach out to me directly at cat@gooddog.com. Please also feel free to share this message with responsible breeders (whether or not a part of our community) so they know they have a legal resource and advocate with Good Dog. We will do absolutely everything in our power to help hold these scammers accountable. Together, we WILL push out the bad actors.

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